steengo (rotaryshakes) wrote in mcfly_daily,

from popjustice:

It has, as they say, 'a certain naive charm'.

(ie It's quite good and we've played it three times this morning and it's a cute idea but, at the same time, if you're going to cover one of the Top 50 pop singles of the last five years at least make the effort of wheeling in a session keyboardist.)
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I wonder what it sounds like... something tells me it'll be pretty good.
i want it now:(
I know, me as well.

When does it come out? *feels stupid for not knowing.*
oct 17!
ooo cool! not much longer to go... hopefully I can get it somehow... ooo yes.
I wanna hear it so badly..but at the same time..I don't. I'm afraid it's going to suck, because I love that song soo much.
i'm very interested to hear that...
and on a random note, i love your icon :D
thanks! hes so cute. :'[