steengo (rotaryshakes) wrote in mcfly_daily,

hmv tracklistings for i wanna hold you singles


1. I Wanna Hold You
2. Mr. Brightside [Cover Of The Killers]


1. I Wanna Hold You [Audio]
2. McFly Mini Movie - 10 mins - Life On The Road On Album Launch Week
3. I Wanna Hold You [Video]
4. Interactive - Harry And Dougie Get Hitched


1. I Wanna Hold You
2. Easy Way Out
3. Interview With Tom And Danny
4. I Wanna Hold You [Instrumental]
5. Enhanced Section
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omfg they covered the killers
LOL I KNOW i like choked when i saw that i cant wait til its out
omg why are u still awak
ugh i dont KNOW
I LOVE the way they always do some video footage for each single.
i know, its great
oh man... I want them all :O
me too
Gross. The Killers. I hate the Killers.
me too im just going to pretend it was never a killers song
Yeah. I do want to hear how they've redone it though.
wtffff. i am going to be so broke.

damn you america.
yea me too! i dont have any money anymore and now they have three more singles coming out...i wish they sold them in america so badly!!! i have to start sucking up to my mom now.
me too im like FUCk how much is all this going to cost

oh well i'll do it for you mcfly plz convert my dollars to poundzzzzz
~~~OH MY GOD~~~
God I should have seen it with that iTunes playlist. GOD just imagine the video when Fatty would be chasin that girl around.
god i hope they dont remake that